A course on how to make friends with presentations, make them beautiful and understandable
PRO Slides
1 month
Who is this course for?
Those working in Sales, Finance, HR, Logistics
Anyone who makes work presentations daily
Marketers, PR & advertising managers
Anyone who thinks only designers make great presentations
Producers, experts and teachers
Anyone who makes slides to teach and inspire
that will change your perception of PowerPoint
useful hotkeys
slides of different types
video lessons
Course structure
No schedule
12 short interactive video lessons that you can take any time and anywhere, a great fit with work and personal life
Only practice, no lecturing
Knowledge remains at your fingertips and instantly improves your slides from the first lesson
Feedback on every task
We personally check each task and give friendly and clear feedback, which motivates (and enables!) you to make slides even better
What you would need
PowerPoint / Keynote
About 1 hour
The more recent the version of the program, the better
To view videos and submit assignments for feedback
To complete one task
Your slides will become pretty and easy-to-read
It will be easy for you to make presentations
Your presentations will show your professionalism
You’ll see that you don’t have to be a designer to make them
And most importantly – quickly and pleasurable
And set you apart from co-workers and competitors
What would be the result?
That’s how your slides will look like
Do you still think that only designers make cool slides?
Not at all, you can do it in 1 month too!
Course Program
Module 1
Text and illustrations from basic shapes
2 video lessons + self-study assignment
You’ll learn how to set up PowerPoint to make presentations even easier. You will master text formatting and create illustrations from basic shapes
Module 2
Photos and icons
3 video lessons + self-study assignment
You’ll learn where to find high-quality free photos, how to stylishly embed them in your presentation, and how to draw your own icons
Module 3
Graphs, highlighting the main and focus
3 video lessons + self-study assignment
You will learn how to make clear graphs, highlight the main points on the slide, and focus the attention of the audience
Module 4
Tables, elements combining and interactivity
3 video lessons + self-study assignment
This block is about tables. You will learn how to make them easy-to-read, combine them with photos, add links and create interactive presentations
Module 5
Bonus video and practical assignment
1 video lesson + self-study assignment
You will learn how to use PowerPoint not only for presentations, but also to create animated videos for social media! You’ll show what you’ve learned, but without repeating after the tutor
Course authors
Max Kachkovenko
Lecturer at the British Higher School of Design. 11 years of marketing and design experience, over 800 hours of face-to-face teaching.
Anna Kachkovenko
9 years of experience in FMCG marketing. Hundreds of corporate presentations behind. Knows all the pain from the phrase "make me a one-pager" and how to resolve this situation so that everyone is happy.
Course pricing
For individuals
Personal rate
Start immediately after the payment
12 video lessons
Practical tasks with feedback after each lesson
Access to the materials for 1 month
Bonus video lesson on animation
Hotkey cheatsheet
Set of stylish fonts
For legal entities
Corporate rate
Start on a convenient for you date
Groups from 10 participants
Tracking the progress of each participant with a weekly report
Access to the materials for 2 months
Bonus video lesson on animation
Hotkey cheatsheet
Set of stylish fonts
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