For a variety of purposes: from annual reports to conference presentations.
We think through the structure
We develop a style
We simplify the complex
If you only have an idea, we will turn it into a concise and consistent story
If you do not have a corporate identity but really want your slides to be beautiful
We bring the slides to life
The presentation must be clear and easy-to-read. Even if it consists of graphs and tables
Let’s add some cool animation to make your presentation memorable
Stages of presentation creation
You fill the brief out, we explore your materials
We sign a contract, you make a 50% pre-payment
We design several slides and work on the structure of the presentation (if needed)
We confirm the style and structure with you, or we make changes until confirmed
We complete the remaining slides and animate them (if needed)
You pay the remaining 50% and receive the finished file
Our selected slides
About us
Max Kachkovenko
Lecturer at the British Higher School of Design. 11 years of marketing and design experience, over 800 hours of face-to-face teaching.
Anna Kachkovenko
9 years of experience in FMCG marketing. Hundreds of corporate presentations behind. Knows all the pain from the phrase "make me a one-pager" and how to resolve this situation so that everyone is happy.
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